Flibanserin – The Female Viagra?

Why should boys have all the fun? Girls too need their share of naughty moments. Flibanserin might well be the female Viagra. If you are highly unsatisfied with your sex life, here’s something that can boost your sexual desire.


Sildenafil is a global blockbuster. Any doubts? Probably not! Ever since this sexual enhancer hit the market a decade ago, it has worked wonders for men suffering from a lot of sexual problems. Even men without any problem have taken the drug to perform better and boost their sexual desire. Drug companies soon understood the power of this drug. Their next step was Viagra for women. The search might be over at last. Women with decreasing sexual desire now have a chance to rejoice. The female Sildenafil is here to give back your libido.


How did it all happen?

The drug was developed to fight depression in women. However, soon those taking the drug found their sexual drives shooting up. Researchers later found that the drug has major libido-boosting properties. Probably the wait is over. The rest lies in the future. The drug even surpassed placebo in its effect. In a six month trial period, women taking the drug reported highly satisfied sexual intimacy and raging libidos. The problem of a lower libido and sexual desire is present in approximately 9% to 26% of the women in UK; a lot of course depends on age and when they have their menopause.


Doctors believe that the answer might lie in this drug and we are perhaps looking at a very bright future. The drug has also proved to be quite controversial as some researchers and pharmaceutical companies argued that the number of females with low libidos is exaggerated. They are of the opinion that this has been done to expand the market and has vested interests involved. They have also criticized marketers of unduly promoting the drug as a sexual enhancer and not as one that treats psychological problems. But this is not true. Drug properties will reveal themselves without any promotion.


Facts and Figures

About 2000, 18 and above pre-menopausal women suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder were given this drug. They have had low libidos for an extended period of time. Those who took 100mg of the drug Flibanserin experienced a shoot up in their levels of libidos, more than those who took placebo. The subjects reported that prior to taking the drug, they has about 2.8 sexual encounters in a month. Flibanserin increased this level to 4.5 times per month. The placebo figure was 3.7 only. The result clearly shows the positive effects of the drug on one’s sexual drive.


Flibanserin is the female Viagra! It is a poor antidepressant with an interesting side effect. Quite amazingly, the original Sildenafil was invented for treating blood pressure problems and angina. Today, it is a multi-billion dollar industry. Since its arrival in 1998, it has been recommended to thousands of men suffering from erectile dysfunction and low libidos. Finally, unsatisfied women can cherish the pleasures of sex. Take Flibanserin and see your desire soar. Low libidos can be caused by a variety of problems such as menopause, lifestyle issues, stress, frustration, and psychological as well as physical problems. Now enjoy!

Get the Best Sexual Experience with Cialis

Cialis is commonly and popularly used by males who suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is similar to Viagra and Levitra which fall under the category of PDE – 5 inhibitor drugs. In order to avoid any side effects, you must take precautions and understand the right way of consuming this drug.

The tablet Cialis was first introduced 10 years ago to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) among men. It is used to get erections that are stronger and longer. Tadalafil is main ingredient used in this drug, making it more or less similar to Levitra and Viagra. Tadalafil is responsible for stimulating certain chemicals in a male body to produce and maintain an active erection. This drug also helps to increase the blood flow to prostate gland. It can simultaneously relieve a man from certain urinary issues like weak urine flow, discomfort in passing urine or excess and out of control urination.

Is it safe to use ED pill?

If you are in good physical and mental health, then it is generally safe to consume ED pills. But it is advisable to do so under the guidance of health professional. He will be able to tell you what is the correct dose for you as per your health. When you buy ED tablet, make sure that with pharmacist that you have got the right drug in your hand. You must read all the instructions and details as mentioned on the packet or leaflet of the drug. If you still have any doubts, please consult the pharmacist or your doctor.


ED drug can be taken orally after or before meals. There are two ways of consuming this medicine. One is to take one pill every day. Another option is to take it whenever you require. However, it would be a good idea to leave this decision to your doctor. The right amount of any PDE – 5 inhibitor drugs depends on how frequently you indulge in sexual activities and why you want to take it. For instance, if you want to cure an enlarged prostate gland, a 5mg pill would do or else 20 mg pill is ideal for sexual pleasure.

A Tadalafil tablet can cause potential side effects if consumed without due precautions. You must take this pill along with a glass of water. Avoid combining with alcohol and juice of grapefruit. If done so, then your blood pressure may reduce, you may feel dizzy or you may not be able to perform sexually. Those who have medical problems associated with kidney, blood pressure, liver or heart should definitely consult their doctor before using ED pill. If you are consuming any other nitrate drugs, then do not use ED at all. Otherwise it can have serious implications on your health.

You should immediately contact your doctor if you feel numb and giddy or experience a tingling sensation in upper half of body during your sexual activity. Similarly, if your erection lasts more than four straight hours, it can harm your sexual limb. So please make sure that you seek medical assistance whenever you feel even the slightest discomfort after taking Cialis. This drug is also called as weekend tablet since it gives results within 15 minutes of consumption and its effects last over 36 hours. Remember, this drug is not a miracle; it only stimulates you for enhanced sexual pleasure.

Basics of Cialis – have erectile dysfunction

The treatment of tadalafil is created to help people who have erectile dysfunction. The recommended dosage for this medication is generally one to two tablets per day. These medications are only for adults. The medication needs to be used under the inspection and prescription of a physician.


Cialis is a blue capsule and the chemical name for this medicine is known as phosphodiesterase form five. This produces the supplements of nitric oxide which provides a feeling of enjoyment and sensation. This in turn enhances the erection of the penis. This drug is manufactured by ICOS and El Lilly. The name that is popular in the market is known as tadalafil and has been there from 2003.


Essential Features of Cialis

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction this medicine is the most preferred prescription. This medicine generally belongs to the category of inhibitors known as PDE5. This is effective after consuming for about thirty minutes. The effect of the medicine lasts for long hours. It is also known as the Saturday Pill due to the long term erectile function. This drug is also restricted for people under the age group of twenty years. Most of the studies and research conducted demonstrated that this drug has increased the erectile function in a man with mild, minor or excessive dysfunction. This drug is frequently used to treat problems related to impotency. This product has certain side effects while there is vasodilatation in the penis. The side effects are severe headaches, stuffy nose, decrease in blood pressure levels, and nasal congestion. There are patients also reporting of loose motions. Most of the side effects mentioned are related to Viagra than to Cialis. There are reports of patients having heart attacks due to fall in the blood pressure.


The men with arterial disorders and having erectile dysfunction are people who benefit from this medicine. The advantages are less in people who have psychological and hormonal problems when compared to people who suffer from diabetic neuropathy. There has been a belief that the drug helps in the erection which is just a myth and not a reality. This drug mainly reacts when a certain physical activity takes place. The most important feature of this drug is that it is active and effective for a time period of about thirty six hours. This medicine should not be consumed by patients who have allergy to Karvol medicine and its ingredients. Generic Cialis can be purchased online as there are plenty of online web stores with this product. It is mandatory to have a prescription for availing the drug. This drug is effective and is affordable. The negative side of this drug is that people start to have this drug without prescription and believe that this drug helps in enhancing sexual life and activity. This drug is one of the very effective medications used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. It stimulates the flow of blood into the penis while there is erection. This helps in the quality of erection by being more firm and strong. It generally works faster than any other medicines. You need to spend a greater amount of time and research before this drug is purchased. As this medicine is a medication per prescription it needs to be taken only as required and needs to be avoided for regular use like other drugs.

What You Need to Know About Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra has been debated a lot. Is it as effective as the original Sildenafil? Is it effective at all? At least research has given us some very interesting findings. Moreover, people who taken the generic dose has a lot to say.


You so much want generic Viagra to work. The original pill is so very expensive. The generic drugs are not. Naturally, people with a lot of sexual desire will go for the generic drugs. There’s a limit to what you can spend. The fact is – generic Sildenafil is as effective as the original one. Now rejoice! It is not an aphrodisiac or hormone. It is a prescription pill that treats Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and problems of lower libidos. The generic versions are for everybody. After all everyone has the right to enjoy those steamy sex sessions with their partners.


Drug Strengths

There are different strengths of the generic version. Precisely, there are 3 doses – 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Speak to your doctor about the right dosage for you. Go for a dose adjustment if you think you are taking too little or too much. The effects of the drug become visible almost immediately after intake. Never fix the dose yourself. Take exactly what your physician prescribes. There is a myth that Generic Sildenafil is only for those with Erectile Dysfunction. That is so not true. You can take the drug even when you have no sexual problems; simply to enjoy the sex better.


A question that plagues a thousand minds – Is the drug safe? Well, yes, it is absolutely safe as long as you are following the instructions properly. Disclose any health related problems you suffer from, to your doctor. The safety of the drug has been successfully demonstrated among 13000 males and in 130+ scientific trials. All the trials have proved that the drug is safe for intake. No other erectile dysfunction therapy has been studied so vastly as the generic Sildenafil. However, you should never take the drug if you are taking nitrate drugs. Don’t take chances.


Generic Sildenafil Constituents

  • Caltrop (Tribulus terrestris)
  • Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba)
  • Maca (Lepidium meyenii)
  • Strength Solid wood (Muira puama)
  • Oats (Avena sativa)
  • Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis)
  • Indian Ginseng (Panax ginseng)
  • Hundreds of other herbs


Did You Know?

Recently, YOHIMBINE, a generic substance has gained a lot of reputation in solving male sex problems. It is extracted in the hydrochloride form from the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree found in West Africa.


How does the generic pill work?

The pill increases blood flow into the penis thereby giving you a tight and permanent erection. The drug also increases the secretion of testosterone that is vital for male libido. This hormone fails to secrete when a man is suffering from low libido problem. Some of the herbs might have antidepressant qualities. Therefore, in case your sexual problem is cause due to depression, the generic pill is sure to work.


Organic Viagra is yet another concept. The drug cuts down a lot of side effects that you might experience if you take the original drug. Some of the components in the drug are kava, dong quai, black cohosh, blessed thistle, golden seal etc. Go online. Buy now. You won’t regret!

Things to remember before you order Viagra Online

Viagra is one of the most popular drugs in the world because it can effectively alleviate the effects of erectile dysfunction in men and in effect providing sufferers with a new lease on their sex life.  When purchasing the drug online extra caution must be implemented in order to avoid fake and substandard versions of the medication.

Viagra is a drug that is used to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.  It is manufactured by Pfizer, Inc. and has changed the lives of millions of men all over the world. Due to its immense popularity the drug has spawned countless copies coming from different sources from different parts of the world.  Not all of these sources can be verified as safe or at least of standard quality when it comes to its efficacy.  Here are some things that you should consider when ordering this medication over the Internet.

Your Health is Top Priority

Sildenafil is the active substance present in the drug.  It is available in its generic or branded form online.  When considering purchasing this medication over the Internet it is essential that you do not compromise your health by mistakenly purchasing it from unscrupulous suppliers that sacrifice quality in order to sell you a cheap product.  It is in this regard that you should only purchase from reputable suppliers of the medication.  How does one know if an online supplier is legitimate?  It is very simple actually.  All one has to do is to watch out for certain red flags that can indicate a possible scam.    In order to know that you are purchasing the real deal it is essential that you know how the medication looks like.  The one manufactured by Pfizer is a small diamond blue shaped pill with the name Pfizer imprinted on the back together with the letters VGR.  The dosage of the pill is usually imprinted on the front side of the medication.

Another thing to look for when considering purchasing the medication online is where the medication is sourced.  If it has come from a country other than the United States you may want to approach it with caution.  This is because many substandard pharmaceutical companies from different locations across the globe are trying to imitate the drug in order to cash in on its popularity.  Do not immediately trust a website that sells the medication without at least doing a little background research on it.  It is also important to check if there are other components that were intentionally put in so as to “enhance” the effect of the medication.  Do not be fooled by this as these are very dangerous substances and can really be bad even life threatening if you decide to take it.  Make sure it only has sildenafil as the ingredient.

Before you even consider purchasing this medication online it is in your best interest to consult first with your health care provider regarding the proper dosage and intake.  If you have a heart condition or are taking anti-hypertensive medications you could have a reaction to the drug if taken in an excessive dose.  Get clearance first before purchasing online in order be safe.

When buying Viagra online over the Internet do not be easily fooled by cheap offers and other gimmicks.  Remember, it is always better to shell out the extra money to buy a genuine product rather than risk your life and well-being trying to save a few dollars.

Down on Sexual Perfomance ? – Try Viagra

Viagra is one of the best known drugs worldwide. It is a chemical known as sidenafil citrate that sets right penile erectile dysfunction or the inability of the penis to sustain an erection during sexual intercourse. It also has some other medicinal uses.

Viagra is the trade name of a chemical called Sidenafil Citrate that treats penile erectile dysfuntions. It is also used to cure pulmonary arterial hypertension or PAH. This was originally developed by British Scientists and then brought to the mainstream market by the U.S. pharmaceutical company Pfizer. This medicine acts by fighting cGMP –specific phosphodiesterase type 5 which is an enzyme that boosts the degradation of cGMP that regulates blood flow in the penis. This drug first came into the market in 1998. Competition for this drug are Cialis or Tadalafil and Levitra or Vardenafil.

The prime function of this drug is to cure erectile dysfunctions levitra online, which is an inability to sustain an erection required to complete sexual intercourse. Even diabetic patients suffering from erectile dysfunctions can be cured with this drug.  A prime reason why people suffer from such condition is the use of antidepressants. Recent research has concluded that not only male patients but also female patients who were on antidepressants can get a cure with this drug.

The dosage is once per day is used as a cure for sexual dysfunction. In such cases, it should be taken 30 minutes to 4 hours before sexual intercourse. For curing pulmonary arterial hypertension, the dosage is three times per day. For this cure the pills are marketed under the trade name revatio.

Common side effects reported are headache, nasal congestion and impaired vision. Side effects can increase if users are undergoing treatment for HIV by taking proteasae inhibitors.

This drug has entered into recreational use in the recent times. This is partly thanks to the cult status this drug has achieved. People especially youth are misled into thinking that this drug gives heightened sexual performance. Research has shown that usage by people with no erectile dysfunction; do not lead to any visible results.

Various uses beyond the obvious:

A recent research has shown that jet lag could be cured with this drug. But this study was carried out on hamsters. Its validity on humans has not yet been established. Athletes have started using this drug in the hope that it will lead to their better performance. Shelf life of cut flowers has been known to increase with the injection of this drug. It also known to slow down the process of plant ripening. Thus it has good scope in the field of horticulture. Yet another condition that can be cured with this drug is altitude sickness that is common with mountain climbers.

Viagra is the best-selling treatment for erectile dysfunctions far ahead of its competition. It has achieved cult status in popular culture and is now one of the best known medications known worldwide. This has also lead to spurious spin-offs. Currently this medication is available only on a doctor’s prescription. Some attempts are being made to make this available as an over the counter drug after a consultation with the pharmacist. This drug has cemented its place in the sun and its fame is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

Cialis – The Best Anti-Impotency Pill

Drug Tadalafil is sold globally by ICOS and Eli Lilly Corporation under the trade name Cialis. It is one of the best treatments available for impotency. The drug is very effective in providing a permanent cure for erectile dysfunction. It also improves sexual stimulus, staying power and ejaculation. The pills are medically approved and are also accredited by FDA.

Cialis (also called Adcirca or Tadacip) is the trade name of the drug Tadalafil http://allgomedic.com/ . The drug has set benchmarks in effectively curing impotency i.e. erectile dysfunction (ED) and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). The benefit of Adcirca doesn’t really stops here. The drug has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) department of United States to be an apt treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) too. Tadalafil is famous throughout the world and almost every American adult known about the drug. Over the years, Adcirca has earned the trust of millions of men globally as the safest and the most reliable anti-impotence drug offering the best cure for erectile dysfunction.

Tadacip: The Best Treatment for Impotency

The invention of Adcirca has emerged out to be the most revolutionary treatment ever for impotency. The drug has proven to yield the most satisfactory results offering a permanent and long-term remedy for impotency. Adcirca was first invented by a reputed biotech company named ICOS Corporation. Later on, ICOS developed, marketed and sold the drug globally with its partner firm Eli Lilly and Company.

Adcirca is available all over the world in the form of pills. The pills are yellow in color and come in three different dosage strengths of 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. The pills are almond-shaped and also have a thin film-coating over them. Men suffering from impotency are advised to consume the pill every day. However, the dosage strength and the intake instructions should be consulted properly with a licensed physician. The drug remains effective for 36 hours and hence, is also sometimes referred as “The Weekend Pill”.

Males often have to face embarrassment if they have problems regarding erectile malfunctioning. Impotency often puts a question mark on their potency and masculinity. Thus, even if a male develops impotency due to certain bodily disorders, physical issues or genetic problems, he often undergoes psychosomatic troubles. Dissatisfaction with the penis size, fear of not lasting long on the bed, insensitiveness to sexual stimulus and uncontrolled ejaculation may result into the inability to attain an erection. Preternatural anxiety too causes problem in getting an arousal and to maintain it for a long time.

No doubt that Adcirca is one of the best treatments available for impotency, but the actual hardship remains in clearing off those psychological and psychosomatic emotions out of your mind. Adcirca treatment works the best when emotions like trepidation, fear, inferiority complex, self-doubt, stress, etc. are got rid of. You need to believe in yourself that you can get back your healthy sexual functionality along with a quality lifestyle.

Tadalafil has millions of satisfied and happy consumers worldwide. The drug underwent several tests to ensure quality results. Adcirca is medically approved and absolutely legal. It is also the first choice of the doctors for curing impotency. Adcirca pills can be purchased from any local drug store or can also be ordered from the reputed online pharmacies. Buying Cialis online http://lg-pharma.com/ is more convenient as you can place orders from the comfort of your home and get the delivery at your doorstep. Generally, the drug is sold only with a valid prescription. Hence, visit your doctor before going for the purchase.

Myths and Reality of Miracle Pill – Viagra

Viagra helps people to have erection by treating erectile dysfunction temporarily. You should be in good mood and make your mind before you attempt a sexual activity. Knowing the myths and facts about this drug will help you in making the best use of it.

Many people worldwide are suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is commonly found in men with growing age. As a result, your libido will get decreased. Viagra is one of the magic pills to help cure your erectile dysfunction. It blocks a chemical in the penis responsible for blocking the release of blood to the penile region. Your penis will become erect and enjoy sex.

Myth: Sildenafil citrate helps to cure erectile dysfunction permanently.

Reality: It is wrong. It helps to treat erectile dysfunction temporarily. You should eat healthy foods and practice regular exercises to improve libido. You can look for herbal supplements to cure your erectile dysfunction. They are safe and free from side effects.

Myth: Sildenafil citrate creates heart attack

Reality: People are advised intake of the miracle pill in the specified dosages only. Otherwise, you are likely to suffer from side effects. People are advised to buy genuine pills from online stores or at local stores through offering prescription.

Myth: Sildenafil citrate improves libido in women and men

Reality: It will not help to improve libido. You should have natural desire for sex. Intake of hot milk after having sound bath will help to improve interest in sex. Your partner should also show interest in sex.

Myth: Sildenafil citrate will cause sex arousal problems in women

Reality: Like men, women are also looking for ways to boost their sex life. Women, who use the blue pill, are likely to suffer from declining sex arousal. It also affects lubrication and creates problem for intercourse. As a result, women are unlikely to enjoy sex with their partner. However, it is better of women avoid this drug.

Myth: The miracle blue pill may cause blindness in men

Reality: Over dosages may lead to complications like heart attack and blurred vision. You are advised intake of the miracle pill as instructed by the physician to enjoy sex with your spouse. You are advised intake of the pill in dosage of 50 mg before one hour of actually participating in sex. Its sexual effect will last for about 6 hours. Erect penis is a necessity for enjoying sex with your woman. You are advised just one pill a day. The daily dosage should not exceed 100 mg per day.

Women, who have taken the pill as directed, have experienced sexual arousal in their genitals. If taken in proper dosage, the drug will offer wonderful sexual experience. You need to take every day depending on your sexual desire.

The PDE5 inhibitor may also cause other minor side effects including flushing, stomach upset, sweating and headache. In view of these, men are advised intake of the blue pill only when required.

Men can also try natural remedies for curing their sexual impotence. They can try penis strengthening and enlargement exercises. It helps to boost blood flow into the penile region. It will help to enlarge your penis size apart from improving the desire for sex.

Men can also try a blend of pomegranate juice and watermelon juice for one week to experience improvement in sexual desire. Viagra will offer temporary relief for erectile dysfunction if taken as per the advice of a physician.

How does Viagra Stimulate and Enhance Erections?

Viagra has been used as an erection enhancement drug since 1998. It primarily blocks a chemical compound that is the reversing agent of a normal erection. This makes the penile muscles harder by the inflow of more blood. Hence the man is able to maintain his erection for a longer duration of time.

Erectile dysfunction commonly called ED is an embarrassing condition. Some people prefer to generalize the term by calling it sexual dysfunction. It is quite common to suffer from ED after a man has turned 40 but the scenario is different nowadays. Young men who are just 25 years are beginning to experience ED which is not a very good sign. Viagra is the saving grace for ED. Technically termed sildenafil citrate, this drug is known to be efficacious in treating a man’s sexual dysfunction.

The US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) approved the drug in the year 1998. Ever since sildenafil has been used, misused and abused by the male population around the globe. Sexual health is always a sensitive topic especially something like ED is ultra-sensitive for a man as his very manhood is affected. It is indeed difficult for a man to talk about this problem. However the formulation comes in the form of an oral pill. This makes it easier for purchase and dosing. There are also a host of other benefits of using this pill. In fact sildenafil has been credited as the pioneer in the history of ED medication.

The working mechanism

The miracle pill has no doubt helped millions of people in making their sexual lives better. In short the primary action of this drug is to block a certain chemical produced in the body which reverses the normal erection. Hence the quantity of chemicals is increased by the body. This triggers muscle constriction. As a result, penile muscles are not constricted. This situation allows more blood flow into the penis and helps the man to maintain a stronger and long lasting erection. One thing to be noted is that this pill will begin to work only when the penis has got an erection. It does not accomplish the task of stimulation to obtain the erection. In other words sildenafil will only maintain the erection but not help you get one. Stimulation has to be done by other methods only.

The mechanism of action is better understood by understanding the physiology of the male penis. For most people talking about the private parts of their body is quite tough. However, if one has to treat or study a specific medical condition, complete and total examination of the affected part is inevitable. The male penis has two natural functions; urination and ejaculation. The former is the release of the metabolic byproduct of various body mechanisms in the form of liquid urine that is stored temporarily in the urinary bladder. The latter involves release of the sperms and the accompanying fluid (seminal fluid) that is stored in the prostate. Normally when a man is sexually aroused, two things happen. The penis becomes erect and when stimulated further ejaculation occurs. Sounds simple, but for men suffering from ED, step two is either impossible or difficult. Viagra will help largely in the second part helping men to remain harder longer. This is one of the best sellers.

How the Drug Viagra Can Help You

For those who suffer from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, Viagra is the drug of choice to control the symptoms. It is a type of prescription medication that is taken orally and can provide erection that last from one to six hours.

It is a known fact that there are a lot of men who suffer in secret with erectile dysfunction. ED as it is more commonly called affects millions of men worldwide. Since the introduction of Viagra, the number of men who suffer from the symptoms of ED has drastically declined. Erectile dysfunction is a disease that hinders a man’s natural ability to get an erection even when sexually aroused. The drug is not marketed as a cure for ED because there is no known cure for it yet; sildenafil the active ingredient in the medication has been quite successful in at least bringing back some vigor into the patient’s sex life. It is important to note that the drug is not meant to be an aphrodisiac or act as a libido enhancer. In order for the drug to work, the person needs to be sexually aroused.

Sildenafil comes in a variety of preparations. It is a blue diamond shaped medication that is meant to be taken by mouth with some water. A doctor’s prescription is necessary in order to procure the drug at the pharmacy or online. This is because the medication can have serious side effects on certain people especially those with heart and liver problems. Patients who have been prescribed the drug are advised to take it strictly as per their physician’s advice in order to avoid potentially severe health risks.

Conventionally speaking, the drug is not taken more than once in 24 hours. It takes about an hour before the drug kicks in and therefore men who anticipate a sexual encounter need to take it at least one hour prior to their liaisons. The drug does not work very well if the person who took it ingested a generous amount of alcohol. The duration of action ranges from one to six hours. On average it was noted that the effects of sildenafil were already evident within 20 minutes after ingesting it orally.

The Mechanism of Action

How does a drug such as sildenafil work? The medication belongs to the phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor classification. When ingested orally it relaxes the penile arteries allowing for blood to rush into the penis thereby producing an erection. As with all types of prescription medications there are certain precautions that need to be adhered to when on this medication. First off, under no circumstances should you take the drug if your attending physician has not allowed you to resume any sexual activity for the moment. If you have any hypersensitivity to sildenafil or have had a reaction when taking the drug it is best that you do not take it again. Do not take the drug at the same time with other anti-erectile dysfunction meds. Those who are taking nitrate medication for their heart problems are advised never to take Viagra because it has a potentiating effect with nitrates that result in the lowering of blood pressure to dangerous levels. People with liver problems are also advised not to take the medication.