Cialis – How to Use It Properly

To elicit maximal effects of Cialis it must be used properly. For this, doctor recommendation is a must as only he can decide the drug dosage based on your tolerance levels, degree of impotency, drug effects, currently consumed medications and medical history. This drug is contraindicated in certain health conditions, allergies, for men above 65 years and for women and children.

Sexual impotence can adversely affect male sexual performance and self-confidence that can leave men dissatisfied to a great extent. To help such men overcome their sufferings, many impotency-treating drugs have been introduced in the market in the last two to three decades. Thanks to these numerous impotency drugs available today, many men have found a fresh lease of sexual life and have not only enhanced their sexual pleasures but also that of their partners. One such commonly prescribed drug is Cialis. This pill helps men to achieve and maintain a firm erection for a sufficiently long period of time so that they are able to have a satisfactory sexual intercourse.

However, to obtain the best effect from this drug, it is essential that it be used as per the recommendations given by a doctor. Without proper use, the drug, even if taken regularly, might not produce results to the extent desired. Here are some tips to using the pill properly so as to maximize its effectiveness.

Tips to make Proper Use of this drug:

To achieve the best results from the use of this prescription-only drug, it is imperative that men consult a doctor and inform him about their medical history and any medicines they might be consuming. This way drug-to-drug adverse interactions and side-effects due to certain medical conditions can be easily avoided.

The doctor’s role in the proper use of the drug further comes to light when its dosage is considered. The recommended starting dose for this impotency drug is 10 mg. However, depending on individual degree of impotency, tolerance levels and the drug effects, doctors might increase the dose to as much as 40 mg or reduce it to as little as 5 mg. Any change in the drug dosage, has to be done under doctor consultation to avoid harmful physiological effects.

Moreover, since the drug comes with some side-effects and is contraindicated in certain health conditions, care should be taken to consume the pill only under a physician’s supervision. This drug is not recommended for patients above 65 years of age. Those suffering from heart problems, liver and kidney diseases, blood pressure, diabetes, stomach ulcers and bleeding problems are also advised against taking this pill.

Additionally, men who are on certain medications such as nitrates and alpha-blockers should not take the drug. Even men who have allergies to drugs, foods, dyes, preservatives and the components of the pill must avoid its regular consumption. Women and children are also not suggested to take this drug. Furthermore, to ensure that the pill consumption brings out maximum results, men must take it 1 to 36 hours before sexual activity as the effects of the drug remain in the body for up to 36 hours.

Finally, to maximize sexual satisfaction through the use of Cialis, men should ensure that they buy a high-quality product from reputable sources, whether online or offline. If these few tips are taken care of when using the pill regularly, then rest assured that men can avoid its side-effects and heighten their sexual pleasures.