Myths and Reality of Miracle Pill – Viagra

Viagra helps people to have erection by treating erectile dysfunction temporarily. You should be in good mood and make your mind before you attempt a sexual activity. Knowing the myths and facts about this drug will help you in making the best use of it.

Many people worldwide are suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is commonly found in men with growing age. As a result, your libido will get decreased. Viagra is one of the magic pills to help cure your erectile dysfunction. It blocks a chemical in the penis responsible for blocking the release of blood to the penile region. Your penis will become erect and enjoy sex.

Myth: Sildenafil citrate helps to cure erectile dysfunction permanently.

Reality: It is wrong. It helps to treat erectile dysfunction temporarily. You should eat healthy foods and practice regular exercises to improve libido. You can look for herbal supplements to cure your erectile dysfunction. They are safe and free from side effects.

Myth: Sildenafil citrate creates heart attack

Reality: People are advised intake of the miracle pill in the specified dosages only. Otherwise, you are likely to suffer from side effects. People are advised to buy genuine pills from online stores or at local stores through offering prescription.

Myth: Sildenafil citrate improves libido in women and men

Reality: It will not help to improve libido. You should have natural desire for sex. Intake of hot milk after having sound bath will help to improve interest in sex. Your partner should also show interest in sex.

Myth: Sildenafil citrate will cause sex arousal problems in women

Reality: Like men, women are also looking for ways to boost their sex life. Women, who use the blue pill, are likely to suffer from declining sex arousal. It also affects lubrication and creates problem for intercourse. As a result, women are unlikely to enjoy sex with their partner. However, it is better of women avoid this drug.

Myth: The miracle blue pill may cause blindness in men

Reality: Over dosages may lead to complications like heart attack and blurred vision. You are advised intake of the miracle pill as instructed by the physician to enjoy sex with your spouse. You are advised intake of the pill in dosage of 50 mg before one hour of actually participating in sex. Its sexual effect will last for about 6 hours. Erect penis is a necessity for enjoying sex with your woman. You are advised just one pill a day. The daily dosage should not exceed 100 mg per day.

Women, who have taken the pill as directed, have experienced sexual arousal in their genitals. If taken in proper dosage, the drug will offer wonderful sexual experience. You need to take every day depending on your sexual desire.

The PDE5 inhibitor may also cause other minor side effects including flushing, stomach upset, sweating and headache. In view of these, men are advised intake of the blue pill only when required.

Men can also try natural remedies for curing their sexual impotence. They can try penis strengthening and enlargement exercises. It helps to boost blood flow into the penile region. It will help to enlarge your penis size apart from improving the desire for sex.

Men can also try a blend of pomegranate juice and watermelon juice for one week to experience improvement in sexual desire. Viagra will offer temporary relief for erectile dysfunction if taken as per the advice of a physician.

How does Viagra Stimulate and Enhance Erections?

Viagra has been used as an erection enhancement drug since 1998. It primarily blocks a chemical compound that is the reversing agent of a normal erection. This makes the penile muscles harder by the inflow of more blood. Hence the man is able to maintain his erection for a longer duration of time.

Erectile dysfunction commonly called ED is an embarrassing condition. Some people prefer to generalize the term by calling it sexual dysfunction. It is quite common to suffer from ED after a man has turned 40 but the scenario is different nowadays. Young men who are just 25 years are beginning to experience ED which is not a very good sign. Viagra is the saving grace for ED. Technically termed sildenafil citrate, this drug is known to be efficacious in treating a man’s sexual dysfunction.

The US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) approved the drug in the year 1998. Ever since sildenafil has been used, misused and abused by the male population around the globe. Sexual health is always a sensitive topic especially something like ED is ultra-sensitive for a man as his very manhood is affected. It is indeed difficult for a man to talk about this problem. However the formulation comes in the form of an oral pill. This makes it easier for purchase and dosing. There are also a host of other benefits of using this pill. In fact sildenafil has been credited as the pioneer in the history of ED medication.

The working mechanism

The miracle pill has no doubt helped millions of people in making their sexual lives better. In short the primary action of this drug is to block a certain chemical produced in the body which reverses the normal erection. Hence the quantity of chemicals is increased by the body. This triggers muscle constriction. As a result, penile muscles are not constricted. This situation allows more blood flow into the penis and helps the man to maintain a stronger and long lasting erection. One thing to be noted is that this pill will begin to work only when the penis has got an erection. It does not accomplish the task of stimulation to obtain the erection. In other words sildenafil will only maintain the erection but not help you get one. Stimulation has to be done by other methods only.

The mechanism of action is better understood by understanding the physiology of the male penis. For most people talking about the private parts of their body is quite tough. However, if one has to treat or study a specific medical condition, complete and total examination of the affected part is inevitable. The male penis has two natural functions; urination and ejaculation. The former is the release of the metabolic byproduct of various body mechanisms in the form of liquid urine that is stored temporarily in the urinary bladder. The latter involves release of the sperms and the accompanying fluid (seminal fluid) that is stored in the prostate. Normally when a man is sexually aroused, two things happen. The penis becomes erect and when stimulated further ejaculation occurs. Sounds simple, but for men suffering from ED, step two is either impossible or difficult. Viagra will help largely in the second part helping men to remain harder longer. This is one of the best sellers.

How the Drug Viagra Can Help You

For those who suffer from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, Viagra is the drug of choice to control the symptoms. It is a type of prescription medication that is taken orally and can provide erection that last from one to six hours.

It is a known fact that there are a lot of men who suffer in secret with erectile dysfunction. ED as it is more commonly called affects millions of men worldwide. Since the introduction of Viagra, the number of men who suffer from the symptoms of ED has drastically declined. Erectile dysfunction is a disease that hinders a man’s natural ability to get an erection even when sexually aroused. The drug is not marketed as a cure for ED because there is no known cure for it yet; sildenafil the active ingredient in the medication has been quite successful in at least bringing back some vigor into the patient’s sex life. It is important to note that the drug is not meant to be an aphrodisiac or act as a libido enhancer. In order for the drug to work, the person needs to be sexually aroused.

Sildenafil comes in a variety of preparations. It is a blue diamond shaped medication that is meant to be taken by mouth with some water. A doctor’s prescription is necessary in order to procure the drug at the pharmacy or online. This is because the medication can have serious side effects on certain people especially those with heart and liver problems. Patients who have been prescribed the drug are advised to take it strictly as per their physician’s advice in order to avoid potentially severe health risks.

Conventionally speaking, the drug is not taken more than once in 24 hours. It takes about an hour before the drug kicks in and therefore men who anticipate a sexual encounter need to take it at least one hour prior to their liaisons. The drug does not work very well if the person who took it ingested a generous amount of alcohol. The duration of action ranges from one to six hours. On average it was noted that the effects of sildenafil were already evident within 20 minutes after ingesting it orally.

The Mechanism of Action

How does a drug such as sildenafil work? The medication belongs to the phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor classification. When ingested orally it relaxes the penile arteries allowing for blood to rush into the penis thereby producing an erection. As with all types of prescription medications there are certain precautions that need to be adhered to when on this medication. First off, under no circumstances should you take the drug if your attending physician has not allowed you to resume any sexual activity for the moment. If you have any hypersensitivity to sildenafil or have had a reaction when taking the drug it is best that you do not take it again. Do not take the drug at the same time with other anti-erectile dysfunction meds. Those who are taking nitrate medication for their heart problems are advised never to take Viagra because it has a potentiating effect with nitrates that result in the lowering of blood pressure to dangerous levels. People with liver problems are also advised not to take the medication.

Things to Look Out for when Purchasing Viagra

Viagra is considered to be a very widely prescribed drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Before purchasing the drug online make sure that you have been seen by your doctor and have a prescription to present to online pharmacies.

Viagra is a prescription medication that is used for treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The active component is called sildenafil. The drug is manufactured by pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Due to the immense success of the drug there has been a proliferation of copycats all over cyberspace trying to capitalize on its popularity. Here are some things to consider before you purchase sildenafil.

Erectile dysfunction has no cure and is considered to be a multi-factorial disease meaning the range of causes is varied and can run the gamut from psychological to metabolic issues with the patient. The physician will determine whether or not sildenafil is the right medication for you and will issue a prescription and a specific set of instructions on how and when to use it. Do not purchase or take the medication without first heeding your physician’s advice. Sildenafil was originally developed as an anti-hypertensive, anti-angina drug. This means it has the same mechanism as that of nitrates which are potent anti-chest pain meds. If you have heart problems and are taking nitrates, the concurrent intake of sildenafil can cause rapid relaxation of your arteries and can lead to lowering your blood pressure to dangerous if not fatal levels.

Once you have secured the go signal from your physician it’s time to take a look at what other aspects are necessary prior to purchasing the medication. One of the most important aspects that you need to consider is authenticity. It is no secret that emerging economies in China and India have been manufacturing sildenafil cheaply in the hope of taking a slice out of a billion dollar industry. These pharmacies in an effort to mimic the effect of the real medication often add dangerous components that are banned in the United States and most western countries. If you are unsure of the source of your sildenafil or if it contains components that are supposed to “enhance” its effects, it is in your best interest not to buy these from those online pharmacies.

Check the Pricing

Pricing is another aspect that you need to consider before you purchase sildenafil. On an average the price of sildenafil in the US is around $25. If you find a site that offers it for a fraction of that amount do not under any circumstances order it from them as these are more than likely be fake products. Some of the fake sildenafil medications go for about three to five dollars per tablet. When considering purchasing the drug from a site other than the manufacturer it is important for your own safety to first investigate the integrity of the online pharmacy. Be very cautious of sites that only list a P.O. Box as their actual address. Reputable pharmacies would have actual physical addresses and a working contact number that customers can call if they have concerns about their orders. If a site does have contact numbers that you can call, do test them first to see if they are actually working and not simply an automated answering service. When purchasing Viagra online, remember it is your health that is on the line do not take short cuts or get easily swayed by cheap offers.

The magic has gone out of your sexual life.

The magic has gone out of your sexual life. Your partner’s glum mood indicates she does not like sharing bed with you anymore. Hold the worries, there is a solution called Viagra.

Gone are the days when erectile dysfunction could cast a doomsday in your sexual life. The options are umpteen and many manufactures are making anti impotency drugs which improves the quality of sexual life like you would have never imagined. Viagra rules the roost when it comes to anti impotency drugs.

Invite Your Partner with Confidence

With men, it is self-esteem that takes a beating when he is not able to satisfy his partner with his sexual powers. Majority of men who complain of sexual problems cite erectile dysfunction as one of the foremost problem. Many are not sexually educated to the extent that they can accept the fact that age, medical conditions and psychological problems play a great role in sexual performance. Many a times their partners do not offer sympathy to their problem, being sexually ignorant, acknowledging this as a minor hiccup in otherwise perfect love life.

One need not be saddened by the fact that they are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Viagra can be taken, ideally one hour before the sexual activity. It is available in the form of a tablet which can be consumed before four hours to thirty minutes before sex. The pill starts having the effect after thirty to forty five minutes after consuming the pill and lasts up to four hours. Make sure you do not consume the pill after a heavy meal, laden with high content of fat because the drug takes more time to exert its effects.

Viagra relaxes the muscle and arteries in the penis enabling more blood flow to the penis. The increased blood flow causes the penis to become erect and hard. The veins which carry blood to the penis on the other hand become compressed restricting the blood flow out of the penis. With blood flowing in but restricted to flow out, penis enlarges resulting in an erection. Viagra offers more stamina, erection time and recharge capability when engaged in sexual activity.

The dosage of Viagra may vary from person to person. In most of the cases 50 mg is recommended while some other users may need 100 mg to achieve the desired result. Since it is a prescription drug it is advisable to take a doctor’s prescription before buying the medicine to pinpoint the exact reason of your sexual failure. Viagra is a never a cure for sexual impotency or it does not restrict any sexually transmitted disease. It is merely an aid in case of erectile dysfunction. It should never be consumed by women or children.

As the technology has advanced it is quiet easy to get the drug online. But with the advantages comes the disadvantage of choosing the right vendor. There are umpteen number of drug vendors available online. Fake vendors are not better than fake peddlers trying to sell their wares on pavement. Scrutinize the website with utmost care. Make sure they are keeping up with latest happenings in the field of impotency, is instructive and has provided up to date and educative materials on the drug. Viagra offers a world of sexual happiness, choose the drug and invite your partner with confidence.

Differences between Cialis and Viagra

There are various drugs in the market which are effective and useful for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. While Viagra is the most popular, Cialis has also proven itself to be an equal contender and popular with customers.

There are various drugs in the market which claim to aid those suffering from erectile dysfunction. The most popular in the market today is Viagra. However there are other drugs as well which are just as popular, if not more. One such drug is cialis. This drug has also proven itself to be just more effective, if not more than its competitor. While clever advertisements may have made Viagra synonymous with the treatment of this condition, those who have used it vouch that the other drug is more effective with less severe side effects. Customers who have tried different drugs have vouched for the effectiveness of this drug which has given many a new lease on life.

Originally called Tadalafill, this drug is also known as Adcirca and Tadacip. It was approved by the FDA in October 2011 as treatment for erectile dysfunction. This is a condition where a man’s penis is unable to achieve or maintain an erection during sexual activity. Usually when aroused, the brain sends signals to the nerves in a penis and causes a release of a particular enzyme. This causes blood to rush to the veins within. This causes the penis to become erect. A secondary enzyme is also released later to allow a penis to return to its normal condition. During erectile dysfunction, there is no erection or it does not remain. This causes great discomfort and inconvenience. There may be various reasons for the same and they range from cardiovascular diseases or diabetes, stress, old age, or a reaction to certain medications. Tadalafill inhibits the release of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), thereby allowing an erection to remain for a longer period of time. There are various such drugs in the market which perform this function. In fact, it also serves other purposes. In 2005, America approved it for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Differences between Tadalafill and Viagra

There are various types of drugs available in the market which offer a solution to erectile dysfunction. However, few are really effective and offer long lasting results. Of the successful drugs, there are two major drugs which are Tadalafill and Viagra. However there are a few differences between the drugs.

Tadalafill tablets are almond shaped and yellow in color while Viagra is in a diamond shape and blue in color.

Tadalafill was approved by the FDA in 2011 and Viagra or Sildenafil became available in 1998.

Though minor, there are some side effects of both drugs. Viagra is said to cause headaches, flushes, nasal congestion and blurred vision. Tadalafill side effects, on the other hand are headaches, indigestion, back and muscle pain, flushing and nasal congestion. However the side effects are minor and temporary.

A major difference between the two is that Viagra lasts for 4 to 5 hours, however Cialis lasts for 17.50 hours making it the most effective and long lasting of the two.

Viagra is available in dosages of 25″, “50” or “100 milligrams and Tadalafill is available in dosages of 5, 10 and 20 mg.