Basics of Cialis – have erectile dysfunction

The treatment of tadalafil is created to help people who have erectile dysfunction. The recommended dosage for this medication is generally one to two tablets per day. These medications are only for adults. The medication needs to be used under the inspection and prescription of a physician.


Cialis is a blue capsule and the chemical name for this medicine is known as phosphodiesterase form five. This produces the supplements of nitric oxide which provides a feeling of enjoyment and sensation. This in turn enhances the erection of the penis. This drug is manufactured by ICOS and El Lilly. The name that is popular in the market is known as tadalafil and has been there from 2003.


Essential Features of Cialis

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction this medicine is the most preferred prescription. This medicine generally belongs to the category of inhibitors known as PDE5. This is effective after consuming for about thirty minutes. The effect of the medicine lasts for long hours. It is also known as the Saturday Pill due to the long term erectile function. This drug is also restricted for people under the age group of twenty years. Most of the studies and research conducted demonstrated that this drug has increased the erectile function in a man with mild, minor or excessive dysfunction. This drug is frequently used to treat problems related to impotency. This product has certain side effects while there is vasodilatation in the penis. The side effects are severe headaches, stuffy nose, decrease in blood pressure levels, and nasal congestion. There are patients also reporting of loose motions. Most of the side effects mentioned are related to Viagra than to Cialis. There are reports of patients having heart attacks due to fall in the blood pressure.


The men with arterial disorders and having erectile dysfunction are people who benefit from this medicine. The advantages are less in people who have psychological and hormonal problems when compared to people who suffer from diabetic neuropathy. There has been a belief that the drug helps in the erection which is just a myth and not a reality. This drug mainly reacts when a certain physical activity takes place. The most important feature of this drug is that it is active and effective for a time period of about thirty six hours. This medicine should not be consumed by patients who have allergy to Karvol medicine and its ingredients. Generic Cialis can be purchased online as there are plenty of online web stores with this product. It is mandatory to have a prescription for availing the drug. This drug is effective and is affordable. The negative side of this drug is that people start to have this drug without prescription and believe that this drug helps in enhancing sexual life and activity. This drug is one of the very effective medications used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. It stimulates the flow of blood into the penis while there is erection. This helps in the quality of erection by being more firm and strong. It generally works faster than any other medicines. You need to spend a greater amount of time and research before this drug is purchased. As this medicine is a medication per prescription it needs to be taken only as required and needs to be avoided for regular use like other drugs.

What You Need to Know About Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra has been debated a lot. Is it as effective as the original Sildenafil? Is it effective at all? At least research has given us some very interesting findings. Moreover, people who taken the generic dose has a lot to say.


You so much want generic Viagra to work. The original pill is so very expensive. The generic drugs are not. Naturally, people with a lot of sexual desire will go for the generic drugs. There’s a limit to what you can spend. The fact is – generic Sildenafil is as effective as the original one. Now rejoice! It is not an aphrodisiac or hormone. It is a prescription pill that treats Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and problems of lower libidos. The generic versions are for everybody. After all everyone has the right to enjoy those steamy sex sessions with their partners.


Drug Strengths

There are different strengths of the generic version. Precisely, there are 3 doses – 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Speak to your doctor about the right dosage for you. Go for a dose adjustment if you think you are taking too little or too much. The effects of the drug become visible almost immediately after intake. Never fix the dose yourself. Take exactly what your physician prescribes. There is a myth that Generic Sildenafil is only for those with Erectile Dysfunction. That is so not true. You can take the drug even when you have no sexual problems; simply to enjoy the sex better.


A question that plagues a thousand minds – Is the drug safe? Well, yes, it is absolutely safe as long as you are following the instructions properly. Disclose any health related problems you suffer from, to your doctor. The safety of the drug has been successfully demonstrated among 13000 males and in 130+ scientific trials. All the trials have proved that the drug is safe for intake. No other erectile dysfunction therapy has been studied so vastly as the generic Sildenafil. However, you should never take the drug if you are taking nitrate drugs. Don’t take chances.


Generic Sildenafil Constituents

  • Caltrop (Tribulus terrestris)
  • Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba)
  • Maca (Lepidium meyenii)
  • Strength Solid wood (Muira puama)
  • Oats (Avena sativa)
  • Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis)
  • Indian Ginseng (Panax ginseng)
  • Hundreds of other herbs


Did You Know?

Recently, YOHIMBINE, a generic substance has gained a lot of reputation in solving male sex problems. It is extracted in the hydrochloride form from the Pausinystalia yohimbe tree found in West Africa.


How does the generic pill work?

The pill increases blood flow into the penis thereby giving you a tight and permanent erection. The drug also increases the secretion of testosterone that is vital for male libido. This hormone fails to secrete when a man is suffering from low libido problem. Some of the herbs might have antidepressant qualities. Therefore, in case your sexual problem is cause due to depression, the generic pill is sure to work.


Organic Viagra is yet another concept. The drug cuts down a lot of side effects that you might experience if you take the original drug. Some of the components in the drug are kava, dong quai, black cohosh, blessed thistle, golden seal etc. Go online. Buy now. You won’t regret!

Things to remember before you order Viagra Online

Viagra is one of the most popular drugs in the world because it can effectively alleviate the effects of erectile dysfunction in men and in effect providing sufferers with a new lease on their sex life.  When purchasing the drug online extra caution must be implemented in order to avoid fake and substandard versions of the medication.

Viagra is a drug that is used to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.  It is manufactured by Pfizer, Inc. and has changed the lives of millions of men all over the world. Due to its immense popularity the drug has spawned countless copies coming from different sources from different parts of the world.  Not all of these sources can be verified as safe or at least of standard quality when it comes to its efficacy.  Here are some things that you should consider when ordering this medication over the Internet.

Your Health is Top Priority

Sildenafil is the active substance present in the drug.  It is available in its generic or branded form online.  When considering purchasing this medication over the Internet it is essential that you do not compromise your health by mistakenly purchasing it from unscrupulous suppliers that sacrifice quality in order to sell you a cheap product.  It is in this regard that you should only purchase from reputable suppliers of the medication.  How does one know if an online supplier is legitimate?  It is very simple actually.  All one has to do is to watch out for certain red flags that can indicate a possible scam.    In order to know that you are purchasing the real deal it is essential that you know how the medication looks like.  The one manufactured by Pfizer is a small diamond blue shaped pill with the name Pfizer imprinted on the back together with the letters VGR.  The dosage of the pill is usually imprinted on the front side of the medication.

Another thing to look for when considering purchasing the medication online is where the medication is sourced.  If it has come from a country other than the United States you may want to approach it with caution.  This is because many substandard pharmaceutical companies from different locations across the globe are trying to imitate the drug in order to cash in on its popularity.  Do not immediately trust a website that sells the medication without at least doing a little background research on it.  It is also important to check if there are other components that were intentionally put in so as to “enhance” the effect of the medication.  Do not be fooled by this as these are very dangerous substances and can really be bad even life threatening if you decide to take it.  Make sure it only has sildenafil as the ingredient.

Before you even consider purchasing this medication online it is in your best interest to consult first with your health care provider regarding the proper dosage and intake.  If you have a heart condition or are taking anti-hypertensive medications you could have a reaction to the drug if taken in an excessive dose.  Get clearance first before purchasing online in order be safe.

When buying Viagra online over the Internet do not be easily fooled by cheap offers and other gimmicks.  Remember, it is always better to shell out the extra money to buy a genuine product rather than risk your life and well-being trying to save a few dollars.

Down on Sexual Perfomance ? – Try Viagra

Viagra is one of the best known drugs worldwide. It is a chemical known as sidenafil citrate that sets right penile erectile dysfunction or the inability of the penis to sustain an erection during sexual intercourse. It also has some other medicinal uses.

Viagra is the trade name of a chemical called Sidenafil Citrate that treats penile erectile dysfuntions. It is also used to cure pulmonary arterial hypertension or PAH. This was originally developed by British Scientists and then brought to the mainstream market by the U.S. pharmaceutical company Pfizer. This medicine acts by fighting cGMP –specific phosphodiesterase type 5 which is an enzyme that boosts the degradation of cGMP that regulates blood flow in the penis. This drug first came into the market in 1998. Competition for this drug are Cialis or Tadalafil and Levitra or Vardenafil.

The prime function of this drug is to cure erectile dysfunctions levitra online, which is an inability to sustain an erection required to complete sexual intercourse. Even diabetic patients suffering from erectile dysfunctions can be cured with this drug.  A prime reason why people suffer from such condition is the use of antidepressants. Recent research has concluded that not only male patients but also female patients who were on antidepressants can get a cure with this drug.

The dosage is once per day is used as a cure for sexual dysfunction. In such cases, it should be taken 30 minutes to 4 hours before sexual intercourse. For curing pulmonary arterial hypertension, the dosage is three times per day. For this cure the pills are marketed under the trade name revatio.

Common side effects reported are headache, nasal congestion and impaired vision. Side effects can increase if users are undergoing treatment for HIV by taking proteasae inhibitors.

This drug has entered into recreational use in the recent times. This is partly thanks to the cult status this drug has achieved. People especially youth are misled into thinking that this drug gives heightened sexual performance. Research has shown that usage by people with no erectile dysfunction; do not lead to any visible results.

Various uses beyond the obvious:

A recent research has shown that jet lag could be cured with this drug. But this study was carried out on hamsters. Its validity on humans has not yet been established. Athletes have started using this drug in the hope that it will lead to their better performance. Shelf life of cut flowers has been known to increase with the injection of this drug. It also known to slow down the process of plant ripening. Thus it has good scope in the field of horticulture. Yet another condition that can be cured with this drug is altitude sickness that is common with mountain climbers.

Viagra is the best-selling treatment for erectile dysfunctions far ahead of its competition. It has achieved cult status in popular culture and is now one of the best known medications known worldwide. This has also lead to spurious spin-offs. Currently this medication is available only on a doctor’s prescription. Some attempts are being made to make this available as an over the counter drug after a consultation with the pharmacist. This drug has cemented its place in the sun and its fame is unlikely to go away anytime soon.