Flibanserin – The Female Viagra?

Why should boys have all the fun? Girls too need their share of naughty moments. Flibanserin might well be the female Viagra. If you are highly unsatisfied with your sex life, here’s something that can boost your sexual desire.


Sildenafil is a global blockbuster. Any doubts? Probably not! Ever since this sexual enhancer hit the market a decade ago, it has worked wonders for men suffering from a lot of sexual problems. Even men without any problem have taken the drug to perform better and boost their sexual desire. Drug companies soon understood the power of this drug. Their next step was Viagra for women. The search might be over at last. Women with decreasing sexual desire now have a chance to rejoice. The female Sildenafil is here to give back your libido.


How did it all happen?

The drug was developed to fight depression in women. However, soon those taking the drug found their sexual drives shooting up. Researchers later found that the drug has major libido-boosting properties. Probably the wait is over. The rest lies in the future. The drug even surpassed placebo in its effect. In a six month trial period, women taking the drug reported highly satisfied sexual intimacy and raging libidos. The problem of a lower libido and sexual desire is present in approximately 9% to 26% of the women in UK; a lot of course depends on age and when they have their menopause.


Doctors believe that the answer might lie in this drug and we are perhaps looking at a very bright future. The drug has also proved to be quite controversial as some researchers and pharmaceutical companies argued that the number of females with low libidos is exaggerated. They are of the opinion that this has been done to expand the market and has vested interests involved. They have also criticized marketers of unduly promoting the drug as a sexual enhancer and not as one that treats psychological problems. But this is not true. Drug properties will reveal themselves without any promotion.


Facts and Figures

About 2000, 18 and above pre-menopausal women suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder were given this drug. They have had low libidos for an extended period of time. Those who took 100mg of the drug Flibanserin experienced a shoot up in their levels of libidos, more than those who took placebo. The subjects reported that prior to taking the drug, they has about 2.8 sexual encounters in a month. Flibanserin increased this level to 4.5 times per month. The placebo figure was 3.7 only. The result clearly shows the positive effects of the drug on one’s sexual drive.


Flibanserin is the female Viagra! It is a poor antidepressant with an interesting side effect. Quite amazingly, the original Sildenafil was invented for treating blood pressure problems and angina. Today, it is a multi-billion dollar industry. Since its arrival in 1998, it has been recommended to thousands of men suffering from erectile dysfunction and low libidos. Finally, unsatisfied women can cherish the pleasures of sex. Take Flibanserin and see your desire soar. Low libidos can be caused by a variety of problems such as menopause, lifestyle issues, stress, frustration, and psychological as well as physical problems. Now enjoy!

Get the Best Sexual Experience with Cialis

Cialis is commonly and popularly used by males who suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is similar to Viagra and Levitra which fall under the category of PDE – 5 inhibitor drugs. In order to avoid any side effects, you must take precautions and understand the right way of consuming this drug.

The tablet Cialis was first introduced 10 years ago to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) among men. It is used to get erections that are stronger and longer. Tadalafil is main ingredient used in this drug, making it more or less similar to Levitra and Viagra. Tadalafil is responsible for stimulating certain chemicals in a male body to produce and maintain an active erection. This drug also helps to increase the blood flow to prostate gland. It can simultaneously relieve a man from certain urinary issues like weak urine flow, discomfort in passing urine or excess and out of control urination.

Is it safe to use ED pill?

If you are in good physical and mental health, then it is generally safe to consume ED pills. But it is advisable to do so under the guidance of health professional. He will be able to tell you what is the correct dose for you as per your health. When you buy ED tablet, make sure that with pharmacist that you have got the right drug in your hand. You must read all the instructions and details as mentioned on the packet or leaflet of the drug. If you still have any doubts, please consult the pharmacist or your doctor.


ED drug can be taken orally after or before meals. There are two ways of consuming this medicine. One is to take one pill every day. Another option is to take it whenever you require. However, it would be a good idea to leave this decision to your doctor. The right amount of any PDE – 5 inhibitor drugs depends on how frequently you indulge in sexual activities and why you want to take it. For instance, if you want to cure an enlarged prostate gland, a 5mg pill would do or else 20 mg pill is ideal for sexual pleasure.

A Tadalafil tablet can cause potential side effects if consumed without due precautions. You must take this pill along with a glass of water. Avoid combining with alcohol and juice of grapefruit. If done so, then your blood pressure may reduce, you may feel dizzy or you may not be able to perform sexually. Those who have medical problems associated with kidney, blood pressure, liver or heart should definitely consult their doctor before using ED pill. If you are consuming any other nitrate drugs, then do not use ED at all. Otherwise it can have serious implications on your health.

You should immediately contact your doctor if you feel numb and giddy or experience a tingling sensation in upper half of body during your sexual activity. Similarly, if your erection lasts more than four straight hours, it can harm your sexual limb. So please make sure that you seek medical assistance whenever you feel even the slightest discomfort after taking Cialis. This drug is also called as weekend tablet since it gives results within 15 minutes of consumption and its effects last over 36 hours. Remember, this drug is not a miracle; it only stimulates you for enhanced sexual pleasure.