Myths and Reality of Miracle Pill – Viagra

Viagra helps people to have erection by treating erectile dysfunction temporarily. You should be in good mood and make your mind before you attempt a sexual activity. Knowing the myths and facts about this drug will help you in making the best use of it.

Many people worldwide are suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is commonly found in men with growing age. As a result, your libido will get decreased. Viagra is one of the magic pills to help cure your erectile dysfunction. It blocks a chemical in the penis responsible for blocking the release of blood to the penile region. Your penis will become erect and enjoy sex.

Myth: Sildenafil citrate helps to cure erectile dysfunction permanently.

Reality: It is wrong. It helps to treat erectile dysfunction temporarily. You should eat healthy foods and practice regular exercises to improve libido. You can look for herbal supplements to cure your erectile dysfunction. They are safe and free from side effects.

Myth: Sildenafil citrate creates heart attack

Reality: People are advised intake of the miracle pill in the specified dosages only. Otherwise, you are likely to suffer from side effects. People are advised to buy genuine pills from online stores or at local stores through offering prescription.

Myth: Sildenafil citrate improves libido in women and men

Reality: It will not help to improve libido. You should have natural desire for sex. Intake of hot milk after having sound bath will help to improve interest in sex. Your partner should also show interest in sex.

Myth: Sildenafil citrate will cause sex arousal problems in women

Reality: Like men, women are also looking for ways to boost their sex life. Women, who use the blue pill, are likely to suffer from declining sex arousal. It also affects lubrication and creates problem for intercourse. As a result, women are unlikely to enjoy sex with their partner. However, it is better of women avoid this drug.

Myth: The miracle blue pill may cause blindness in men

Reality: Over dosages may lead to complications like heart attack and blurred vision. You are advised intake of the miracle pill as instructed by the physician to enjoy sex with your spouse. You are advised intake of the pill in dosage of 50 mg before one hour of actually participating in sex. Its sexual effect will last for about 6 hours. Erect penis is a necessity for enjoying sex with your woman. You are advised just one pill a day. The daily dosage should not exceed 100 mg per day.

Women, who have taken the pill as directed, have experienced sexual arousal in their genitals. If taken in proper dosage, the drug will offer wonderful sexual experience. You need to take every day depending on your sexual desire.

The PDE5 inhibitor may also cause other minor side effects including flushing, stomach upset, sweating and headache. In view of these, men are advised intake of the blue pill only when required.

Men can also try natural remedies for curing their sexual impotence. They can try penis strengthening and enlargement exercises. It helps to boost blood flow into the penile region. It will help to enlarge your penis size apart from improving the desire for sex.

Men can also try a blend of pomegranate juice and watermelon juice for one week to experience improvement in sexual desire. Viagra will offer temporary relief for erectile dysfunction if taken as per the advice of a physician.

How does Viagra Stimulate and Enhance Erections?

Viagra has been used as an erection enhancement drug since 1998. It primarily blocks a chemical compound that is the reversing agent of a normal erection. This makes the penile muscles harder by the inflow of more blood. Hence the man is able to maintain his erection for a longer duration of time.

Erectile dysfunction commonly called ED is an embarrassing condition. Some people prefer to generalize the term by calling it sexual dysfunction. It is quite common to suffer from ED after a man has turned 40 but the scenario is different nowadays. Young men who are just 25 years are beginning to experience ED which is not a very good sign. Viagra is the saving grace for ED. Technically termed sildenafil citrate, this drug is known to be efficacious in treating a man’s sexual dysfunction.

The US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) approved the drug in the year 1998. Ever since sildenafil has been used, misused and abused by the male population around the globe. Sexual health is always a sensitive topic especially something like ED is ultra-sensitive for a man as his very manhood is affected. It is indeed difficult for a man to talk about this problem. However the formulation comes in the form of an oral pill. This makes it easier for purchase and dosing. There are also a host of other benefits of using this pill. In fact sildenafil has been credited as the pioneer in the history of ED medication.

The working mechanism

The miracle pill has no doubt helped millions of people in making their sexual lives better. In short the primary action of this drug is to block a certain chemical produced in the body which reverses the normal erection. Hence the quantity of chemicals is increased by the body. This triggers muscle constriction. As a result, penile muscles are not constricted. This situation allows more blood flow into the penis and helps the man to maintain a stronger and long lasting erection. One thing to be noted is that this pill will begin to work only when the penis has got an erection. It does not accomplish the task of stimulation to obtain the erection. In other words sildenafil will only maintain the erection but not help you get one. Stimulation has to be done by other methods only.

The mechanism of action is better understood by understanding the physiology of the male penis. For most people talking about the private parts of their body is quite tough. However, if one has to treat or study a specific medical condition, complete and total examination of the affected part is inevitable. The male penis has two natural functions; urination and ejaculation. The former is the release of the metabolic byproduct of various body mechanisms in the form of liquid urine that is stored temporarily in the urinary bladder. The latter involves release of the sperms and the accompanying fluid (seminal fluid) that is stored in the prostate. Normally when a man is sexually aroused, two things happen. The penis becomes erect and when stimulated further ejaculation occurs. Sounds simple, but for men suffering from ED, step two is either impossible or difficult. Viagra will help largely in the second part helping men to remain harder longer. This is one of the best sellers.

Viagra: Conquer that Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra or “that little blue pill” is a drug that helps you overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED). Whether your ED is caused due to physical or psychological problems, Viagra can help you in any case. It helps smooth the muscles in that vital part of the body to ensure maximum blood flow. It can give a great boost to your love life and confidence.

Viagra or “the little blue pill” as it is called is a wonder drug that can fill your life with happiness. It can help you deal with a problem that can crush your confidence- Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or ED is the non-performance of the male penis. It is not about not getting aroused but about not being able to provide that physical reaction to the arousal that a man experiences. There could a number of reasons for this, both physical as well as psychological. Earlier, ED was perceived to be only psychological. In fact it was even blamed on the woman’s inability to inspire and arousal. However, Dr. Giles Brindley, in 1983, proved that whether the problem is physical or psychological, it can be treated physically. He achieved an erection with the help of an injection of the drug phentalomine.

Viagra or Sildenafil also works on similar lines. Where you have developed a psychological block through stress or have developed a physical problem, it can be solved through physical medication. The “little blue drug” works to smooth your muscles and facilitates the required flow to that vital organ.  It is a prescription only drug and comes in dosages of strengths of 25mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. and in packs of 4 or 8 tablets. It takes anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes to take effect.

To ensure that the pill works to its maximum potential, do take a few precautions:

  • Try not to take it after a heavy meal as that could block it from getting into the blood stream thus delaying and weakening effects.
  • Do not assume that it provides sexual stimulation. External sexual stimulation is still a must even you have popped the pill.
  • Like in case of any other drug, do not over do the usage of Viagra While the feel good power of the drug makes it addictive, it is still a drug. Over dosage is going to have its effects and could be serious in some cases. Always take the recommended dose.
  • Do not take the pill if you are on medication that involves nitrates (generally given in case of chest pain) or alpha blockers (that are given when you suffer from high blood pressure). Also, do not combine it with other recreational drugs or alcohol.
  • Give yourself some time to get used to it. You may experience mild headaches and dizziness initially. These should go away as you get used to the drug. However, if your symptoms last long, you should see a doctor.
  • Start with a smaller dosage first so that you are assured of safety. And who knows, maybe your problem is smaller than you thought and may not even require a bigger dose.

Although, Viagra does cure Erectile Dysfunction permanently, it can give your romance a new lease of life and help you live life to the fullest. Do try it if you are facing a slight low in your love life. After all, it does not only provide a boost to you physically but even mentally.

Cialis and Erectile Dysfunction – Never Be Ashamed!

If Erectile Dysfunction has made you ashamed, fear not, Cialis is here to prevent loss of sexual desire. It is a drug that relaxes the muscles of the penis and lets the blood pour in so that you have an erection just like before.


Erectile Dysfunction is a major problem that affects men all over the globe. Generally, men nearing 60 suffer the most from this problem. It is caused due to a reduced flow of blood into the penis. Luckily, Cialis (Tadalafil ) is a drug that can greatly improve a man’s sex life by treating the problem of erectile dysfunction. The drug makes the blood flow inside the Corpora Cavernosa of the penis thereby providing a steady erection. The effect of the drug can be felt up to 36 hours after taking the medicine. Erectile Dysfunction can take a heavy toll on one’s psychological health too.


Take Tadalafil. Treat ED

Taking Tadalafil automatically improves the sex drive thereby treating a lot of psychological problems such as depression, inferiority complex etc. The drug has minimal side effects if taken carefully, following the dosage instructions. Sit with your doctor to fix the dosage. Having a perfectly normal sex life is a necessity as it brings a lot of physical and mental relief. It does not matter what one’s age is. If he has the desire for intercourse, he should be able to do it. That is why Tadalafil is such a popular drug among men all over the world.


Hectic work life, unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, smoking etc., all affects one’s sexuality. Impotence is a common problem suffered by many. Only Tadalafil can better your sex life and make it active. Male impotence needs to be treated. Tadalafil is the answer. The drug also copes with pulmonary arterial hypertension. The medicine is taken orally with a glass of water preferably after a light meal and one hour before sex. Consulting your physician is a must before taking the dosage. You might be allergic to a component or the drug may interact with other drugs you are taking.


Lip and tongue swelling and skin rashes have been reported in certain due to allergic reactions. Do not mix the drug with alcohol as it cause unwanted side effects. Moreover, you want the drug to be fully effective as you do not want to compromise on the pleasure component. Therefore, follow the instructions carefully. Thus, anyone who is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction must try out Tadalafil to recover his sex drive. Patients suffering from ED brought about by antidepressants are the happiest. If you are taking the drug for the first time, make sure you keep your doctor informed.


Cialis improves the ability to get and maintain erections during sexual intercourse. The hardness of the erection is also improved by this drug. It belongs to a certain group of medicines known as phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. PDE5 is basically an enzyme that is found in various bodily tissues. It prevents blood vessels from relaxing and filling up the penis with blood. Tadalafil blocks this PDE5 thereby relaxing the muscle and blood vessels. Blood pours inside, which is necessary to get an erection. In short, do not fear the loss of sexual desire because of ED. Enjoy sex with Tadalafil.

Get to Know all About the Wonder Drug Cialis

Cialis is great for treating male erectile dysfunctions. They have a long lasting effect and have minimal side effects. They are more effective compared to similar tablets. Store them and consume them the right way for deriving maximum benefits. Even with certain ailments, you can consume these pills.

pharma menCialis is a wonder cure for male erectile dysfunctions. This is a PDE5 inhibitor that increases the blood flow to the penis. This medication works when the person is already sexually stimulated. So it is advised for the person who consumes these pills to indulge in some foreplay before the sexual act. These tablets have a long lasting effect, typically up to 36 hours due to which it has earned the sobriquet, the weekend pill. The effect of the medicine starts to show quite fast. Normally within thirty minutes of consumption, one can get an erection. Whatever be the extent of erectile dysfunction one has, these pills tend to cure them. So whether it is mild, moderate or severe, these pills cure them all. In case of erections that last longer than four hours, this could be damaging to the penis and as such should be reported to your physician at the earliest.

Directions of use:

These pills are to be consumed in accordance as per the directions of your physician. The directions of use given on the prescription label should be followed in totem. The tablets can be consumed with or without food. Swallow them whole without splitting or breaking them for better effect. You should take them just before intercourse. If one is following a daily dosage, ensure that the intake is at the same time daily. Doctors tend to prescribe different dosages for patients depending on their individual requirements. These pills have an effect on men of all age groups. Store the tablets only at room temperature away from moisture and heat. One should avoid consuming alcohol above limits while taking these pills. Go in only for a single dosage and avoid taking more than one daily. Taking more than one pill daily is also not required due to the long lasting effect of the pills. Allow for a minimum of 24 hours gap between dosages. It is advised not to have these pills immediately after consuming food.

It is safe to consume these pills even while suffering from other health related ailments. Your doctor should be consulted before taking this medication about these maladies. Normally ailments like cholesterol, prostate gland, blood pressure, etc., do not pose a hindrance to the intake of these pills. Those taking nitrate drugs for the cure of chest or heart problems are advised not to have these tablets. One should check in with the doctor immediately, if one experiences nausea or dizziness during the sexual act. Side effects are not normally reported for this medication. Only very few report side effects. In case you notice them, inform your doctor right away.

Compared to other similar medications available in the market, this is known to be the most effective. These tablets also pose the least side effects. Not only that, similar pills will have to be taken in more quantities in order to match the long lasting effect of these tablets. Cialis is thus the best erectile dysfunction cure that is out there.

Rebuild Your Sex Life

There is nothing dampening than unsuccessful sex with your partner, especially if you are the one who could not satisfy the partner. Men often find themselves being unable to get the desired erection to achieve the most wanted pleasure. There is a solution to the problem which is Cialis.

anti impotency drugErectile dysfunction one of the main problems cited as the reason for unsuccessful sex. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get an erect penis in the heights of sexual frenzy. Erectile dysfunction is most common among men over the age of sixty five owing to the medical conditions like diabetes, thrombotic disorders, medical conditions due to accidents or illness in younger men and psychological reasons. Whatever be the reason, it is a great dampener to men’s self-esteem which might lead to a sense of hopelessness.

Cilais – The Magic Drug

It is an anti-impotency drug which is available in the market which fights against the impotency condition called erectile dysfunction. So how does the drug work? The consumption of the drug opens of arteries to the penis causing more blood flow to the penis. The veins of the penis on the other hand are compressed which restricts the blood flow back. Hence the blood is retained in the penis enabling it to enlarge and get the desired ecstasy. There are some myths associated with anti-impotency drugs that it causes instant thrill once consumed. Unless there is required sexual stimulation the drug fails to get the desired result.

There are many advantages Cialis offer over other drugs. Compared to other drugs it can be taken thirty six hours before the sexual activity. If you pop the pill in the morning, be assured that its effects will last till the next afternoon. Pop the pill, relax and be ready of the night-time gratification. Mostly, other drugs stop you from consuming heavy meal laden with fat before consuming the pill. Cialis does not restrict you from having heavy food before the consumption of the pill. It should not be consumed by people of other sex or kids. It is strictly meant for men with erectile dysfunction.

Anti-impotency drugs are prescription medicines which can be acquired from any neighborhood pharmacy by producing the prescription. But if you want to keep your problem a secret, you can very well opt for online prescription which can be obtained by filling a form and submitting it. Online vendor’s offer you more discount compared to the pharmacy because of the cut throat competition amongst them. If you do a thorough research on the internet you should be able to zero in the vendor which offers the best price. Being a bit smart can save you quite a few bucks.

But you should always be very cautious while going for online vendors. There are several fraudulent vendors who might offer you substandard drug and cheat you with a higher price. While scrutinizing the website of the vendor, look for the latest instructions on anti-impotency drugs, latest journals and current happenings. Make sure that website is educative and up-to-date with the latest research.

Gone are the days when a condition called erectile dysfunction marked the doomsday of one’s sexual life. The field of medicine has advanced so much that it offers solution to almost all the problems. Choose Cialis and be blessed with a happy sexual life.