Let’s Learn How Viagra Works!

Viagra is a commonly prescribed drug for Erectile Dysfunction or ED. The drug allows the blood in the penis to flow unhindered by the reverse action chemicals that pull back the penis from its erected state. However, the working of this drug should be understood in great detail so as to know about the conditions in which it can be consumed.


Among the most famous drugs that are used for treating and seeking help in the medical condition called Erectile Dysfunction, Generic Viagra is the most commonly heard name. This drug has acted as a wonder medicine for all those who have been facing problems in their sexual life due to their inability to achieve proper erections. At the same time, all those people who have psychological or physiological conditions preventing them from gaining proper erections and thus enjoying their sexual life, have been seeking complete satisfaction from the use of this drug.  However, it is important to know about the working of this drug as well, to know about its effects and results in a better manner.

How does it Work?  

The drug is chemically known as Sildenafil citrate, and has been medically recognized for treating conditions such as erectile dysfunction. Since this trouble is a huge setback for all those who are unable to achieve the desired erections during sexual intercourse, the drug is highly used by people, whether or not they are affected by this condition. This is because of the fact that problems in gaining erections can also be due to temporary psychological issues and thus, the use of this drug at those times can help one gain sexual satisfaction and vent out the psychological burden to a certain extent.

This chemical actually blocks the flow of blood through the penis and thus doesn’t allow the penis to gain proper erections during a sexual act. Therefore, there are more chemicals left in the body that lead to erection, allowing the penis to stay erected and firm. At the same time, this permits a better flow of blood through the penis such that the erection is maintained for long. Also, it should be known that this particular drug does not have any impact on the chemicals that lead to an erection. Thus, while using it, one has to provide the penis with stimulation so as to achieve the desired results.

The working of this drug can be explained even deeply by analyzing the changes that occur in the body of a normal man when he is aroused. In such a state, the nerve signals from his brain reach the penis and the chemicals in the body (known as the phosphodiesterase type 5 chemicals or PDE5) are released. These chemicals relax the penis muscles such that the blood cannot flow into the penis, leading to an unsuccessful erection. However, with the use of this drug, the releasing of these chemicals is restricted and instead blood is allowed to circulate in it; leading to a better erection.

Due to the use of this drug, the reversing action chemicals that pull back a penis from its erected state are held back from performing their function and thus a man can experience long lasting and stronger erections. Owing to its working Viagra is hugely beneficial for those people who face difficulties in their sexual acts or are unsatisfied, sexually due to their psychological problems.