Basics of Cialis – have erectile dysfunction

The treatment of tadalafil is created to help people who have erectile dysfunction. The recommended dosage for this medication is generally one to two tablets per day. These medications are only for adults. The medication needs to be used under the inspection and prescription of a physician.


Cialis is a blue capsule and the chemical name for this medicine is known as phosphodiesterase form five. This produces the supplements of nitric oxide which provides a feeling of enjoyment and sensation. This in turn enhances the erection of the penis. This drug is manufactured by ICOS and El Lilly. The name that is popular in the market is known as tadalafil and has been there from 2003.


Essential Features of Cialis

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction this medicine is the most preferred prescription. This medicine generally belongs to the category of inhibitors known as PDE5. This is effective after consuming for about thirty minutes. The effect of the medicine lasts for long hours. It is also known as the Saturday Pill due to the long term erectile function. This drug is also restricted for people under the age group of twenty years. Most of the studies and research conducted demonstrated that this drug has increased the erectile function in a man with mild, minor or excessive dysfunction. This drug is frequently used to treat problems related to impotency. This product has certain side effects while there is vasodilatation in the penis. The side effects are severe headaches, stuffy nose, decrease in blood pressure levels, and nasal congestion. There are patients also reporting of loose motions. Most of the side effects mentioned are related to Viagra than to Cialis. There are reports of patients having heart attacks due to fall in the blood pressure.


The men with arterial disorders and having erectile dysfunction are people who benefit from this medicine. The advantages are less in people who have psychological and hormonal problems when compared to people who suffer from diabetic neuropathy. There has been a belief that the drug helps in the erection which is just a myth and not a reality. This drug mainly reacts when a certain physical activity takes place. The most important feature of this drug is that it is active and effective for a time period of about thirty six hours. This medicine should not be consumed by patients who have allergy to Karvol medicine and its ingredients. Generic Cialis can be purchased online as there are plenty of online web stores with this product. It is mandatory to have a prescription for availing the drug. This drug is effective and is affordable. The negative side of this drug is that people start to have this drug without prescription and believe that this drug helps in enhancing sexual life and activity. This drug is one of the very effective medications used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. It stimulates the flow of blood into the penis while there is erection. This helps in the quality of erection by being more firm and strong. It generally works faster than any other medicines. You need to spend a greater amount of time and research before this drug is purchased. As this medicine is a medication per prescription it needs to be taken only as required and needs to be avoided for regular use like other drugs.