How the Drug Viagra Can Help You

For those who suffer from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, Viagra is the drug of choice to control the symptoms. It is a type of prescription medication that is taken orally and can provide erection that last from one to six hours.

It is a known fact that there are a lot of men who suffer in secret with erectile dysfunction. ED as it is more commonly called affects millions of men worldwide. Since the introduction of Viagra, the number of men who suffer from the symptoms of ED has drastically declined. Erectile dysfunction is a disease that hinders a man’s natural ability to get an erection even when sexually aroused. The drug is not marketed as a cure for ED because there is no known cure for it yet; sildenafil the active ingredient in the medication has been quite successful in at least bringing back some vigor into the patient’s sex life. It is important to note that the drug is not meant to be an aphrodisiac or act as a libido enhancer. In order for the drug to work, the person needs to be sexually aroused.

Sildenafil comes in a variety of preparations. It is a blue diamond shaped medication that is meant to be taken by mouth with some water. A doctor’s prescription is necessary in order to procure the drug at the pharmacy or online. This is because the medication can have serious side effects on certain people especially those with heart and liver problems. Patients who have been prescribed the drug are advised to take it strictly as per their physician’s advice in order to avoid potentially severe health risks.

Conventionally speaking, the drug is not taken more than once in 24 hours. It takes about an hour before the drug kicks in and therefore men who anticipate a sexual encounter need to take it at least one hour prior to their liaisons. The drug does not work very well if the person who took it ingested a generous amount of alcohol. The duration of action ranges from one to six hours. On average it was noted that the effects of sildenafil were already evident within 20 minutes after ingesting it orally.

The Mechanism of Action

How does a drug such as sildenafil work? The medication belongs to the phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor classification. When ingested orally it relaxes the penile arteries allowing for blood to rush into the penis thereby producing an erection. As with all types of prescription medications there are certain precautions that need to be adhered to when on this medication. First off, under no circumstances should you take the drug if your attending physician has not allowed you to resume any sexual activity for the moment. If you have any hypersensitivity to sildenafil or have had a reaction when taking the drug it is best that you do not take it again. Do not take the drug at the same time with other anti-erectile dysfunction meds. Those who are taking nitrate medication for their heart problems are advised never to take Viagra because it has a potentiating effect with nitrates that result in the lowering of blood pressure to dangerous levels. People with liver problems are also advised not to take the medication.